Here are some testimonials from those who have used Holbrook Chiropractic PC for their spinal health needs.

"I have been treating with Dr. Glassman for about 6 months now. His staff is polite and courteous. Everytime I come in for my appointment the staff greets me with a smile and conversation.

Being a neat freak myself, I cannot find anything in the office or exam room that needs attending to. It's a pleasure to go to a doctors office that sparkles.

I have suffered with neck pain and numbness in my arms and fingers for years. After seeing Dr. Glassman these months my symptoms have alleviated to the point where I can finally get a good night's sleep. I see Dr. Glassman now once a week for maintenance and it really helps.

Should I ever be asked by family or friends who I see for these problems you can be assured that Dr. Glassman and his staff would be highly recommended.

Thank you Dr. Glassman for restoring my quality of life!

- R.S.

Dr. Glassman is the best!

He cured me 5 years ago and that's why I came back to him. The girls that work for him are so good, polite, caring and helpful and I recommend him to all my friends and family.

I never have to wait long at all and his place is always spotless.

- Alice

Holbrook Chiropractic is the most caring, compassionate and professional chiropractic office I have ever experienced.

The staff is wonderful and the office is clean, comfortable and extremely welcoming. Dr. Glassman has been an important part of my life for 15 years. I owe my physical well being to him. I was injured while working at a special ed preschool 15 years ago. I couldn't walk, stand, sit or lay down without extreme pain or discomfort. With his "dedicated" time, talent, patience and expertise I was on the road to recovery and a chance to lead a normal life again. Dr. Glassman is more than a chiropractor, he is a friend for life. He is truly caring and compassionate in how he treats all of his patients.

My daughter Amanda absolutely loves him and is the only doctor she had ever trusted and put full confidence in. There is no price you can put on the care we receive from Holbrook Chiropractic. I have and will continue to recommend friends to visit.



The first time I stepped into Holbrook Chiropractic, PC was in October of 2010. My daughter and I had been involved in a car accident. We were hit from behind on the Long Island Expressway. The pain in my lower back and neck started instantly upon impact and continued to increase over the next few days. I never experienced spinal problems before this. I was nervous and unsure where to begin. I consulted two family members that had similar situations prior to mine and they highly recommended Dr. Glassman. Their experiences with Dr. Glassman and his staff have been nothing but positive, just as mine was.

Dr. Glassman is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his profession and it shows in the progress of his patients. He always provides excellent care and his referrals are well thought out. I have been in the medical field for 23 years and I have noticed that patient care and interaction has been somewhat lost. I can honestly say, I have never felt that way at Holbrook Chiropractic. Dr. Glassman and his staff take time with each and every patient to provide the best care. Everyone that works there is knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. They are extremely accommodating with appointments and the office is always kept clean. I am completely satisfied with the progress my daughter and I have made since the accident. I had minimal days off from work, thanks to Dr. Glassman and staff. I would not go or refer to anywhere else for chiropractic services except Holbrook Chiropractic, PC.

- L.C.

"Allow me to begin by telling you that I've never written a thank you note to any of my doctors, but I feel your services require a special 'thank you.'

When I came to you several months ago with terrible pain in my back and right leg I must admit I was not very optimistic that chiropractic care would be of any help, but as I sit here writing this note today I am very happy to admit I was totally wrong.

From the very beginning I followed your advice and stuck to the program of exercise and chiropractic care and today I'm back to playing softball and tennis without any of my previous problems.

Please note that the concern shown by you and your extremely friendly  staff and the high quality of care I received has left no doubt in my mind that your office is the reason I'm back to being myself.

I will keep up with the required maintenance as per your suggestions and will not hesitate to refer any friends in need of your services. Thanks again for all of your help."

- Leith

"I am currently a patient of Dr. Glassman for treatment of lower back pains and shoulder contusion to my left shoulder. I have suffered with these conditions for several years. I was one of those good "die hards" that believed in time all the pain would go away. It didn't, it only got worse. A friend of mine from work referred me to see Dr. Glassman for therapy. At first I was hesitant and skeptical about chiropractic care. I have never gone to see a chiropractic doctor! My friend reassured me that Dr. Glassman is very professional in his field, but yet very sensitive to all his patients’ needs. Then I had to meet the Doctor. I have yet met a doctor that did not remind me of a pompous encyclopedia!

My first therapy with Dr. Glassman went smoothly! He informed me about current up to date therapeutic care that he practices and gave me reading material about my condition. The good Doctor appeased my skepticism and doubts about seeing a chiropractor.  He has worked on my problem areas effectively!!! Wow I'm more energetic and relaxed.

I still see Dr. Glassman weekly to help ease my flare ups. I have referred him to others and we all agree that his hands are like magic.

If you have ever doubted or are afraid of chiropractic care, don't be!!! Just see Dr. Glassman for therapy and he'll take care of all your pain and erase all those doubts you might have!!!!"

- Mel

"It's kind of hard to say when my back first started to hurt me. It might have been after my encounter with roaming band of ninjas, or when I was abducted by aliens. But that doesn't concern me. Ending my months of pain does.

I took many steps to get help. In fact, I probably took too many steps. Just when it seemed I had taken my last step, I slipped on a banana peel and fell head first back to step one. That hurt, possibly more than my back did.

First, there was the orthopedist. He took some x-rays, saw nothing and sent me to physical therapy. It looked like I was reaching the top step, when, after two weeks of physical therapy, it hurt more. Crash! I dragged my body back to the orthopedist who decided that some MRI's might be in order, another step up. So we went and took those. The orthopedist looked at them and saw something; unfortunately, he was the only one who saw it. Take one step back please!

After we gave up on the orthopedist, we decided, we decided on a neurologist. He, who, it turned out, was almost related to me, prescribed some more MRI's. Oh goody. Another fifteen minutes of my life wasted inside a metal coffin with magnets, just what I needed. We took those, and they looked great. In fact he complemented me on my lovely bone marrow, which of course now gives me something to brag about to the kids at school. Now I was lower than the first step. I was sitting on the floor in front of the first step wondering how to climb them.

After a week of thinking, a suggestion led us to a Physiatrist. Don't ask me what he does, but he has a really nice car. He put me on some more physical therapy, which didn't hurt, but it didn't improve things either. After a month of that, he decided that it was no help anymore and that I should stay away from doctors altogether. Yeah, okay.

At that point I couldn't even see the staircase anymore. It had vanished. What was I to do? I know, how about a chiropractor. Sure, why not. It couldn't hurt, right? I wasn't going to end up crippled and as I walked out the door on the day of my last visit the doctors would stand there and mock me saying ‘Look at the hunchback, hah, go ahead hunchback, ring the bell, ring the bell, haha’, right? Right.

After only a few weeks of chiropractic care, I feel wonderful. My back feels great, my grades are improving, and I sleep better too. So it looks like i skipped taking the steps all together, and found the escalator."

- Elliot

"In my three weeks of treatment, I am finally able to get out of bed in the morning without having to roll on the floor.

Aside from some muscle soreness, that you have said is normal for the length of time that they have not been used properly, I can truly say that my back, hips and legs are feeling the best they have ever felt over the last 10-15 years.

The exercise program that you started me on feels good and I have no problems doing them.

Please add this note to the other satisfied patient endorsements, as I say these words with many thanks."

- R.W.


Needless to say, I injured my back. Unfortunately it was just before Christmas. I believed, as the sign in your office states, "maybe it will go away'. Even after "Dones" back pain pills and many Extra Strength Excedrin, it did not "go away'. I called your office the day after Christmas and got an immediate appointment. That was the beginning of a full and complete recovery.

Sure I could have gone to my family doctor. I would have been dispensed pain relievers and muscle relaxers. That would have been a very good temporary solution. What I needed was not only relief from pain, but total correction. After only 8 weeks of care, I must say that I feel 100 percent pain free.

Your office has not only provided me with all the corrective care required, but you have done it in such a warm and concerned manner.



"In April of this year I fell and was recommended to Dr. Glassman for care of my back pain. I have always trusted chiropractic care for relief of back injury pain. After 2 months of regular care, I noticed that my nose, which is usually swollen due to chronic sinus problems, had slimmed down to normal appearance and my sinus problem had cleared up.

I also had a very bad sore throat and I mentioned that to Dr. Glassman about 10 days ago. It cleared up in 2 days, faster than any other time without chiropractic care!"

- Mary

"I was suffering from low back pain, pain in my left leg and ankle for about 5 years.

I tried everything and went to all kinds of different doctors who specialized in sports medicine, orthopedic doctors and two different chiropractors.

Some suggested surgery others prescribed medication.

One day I thought that I was going crazy. I couldn't take the suffering any longer.

We had just moved to Holbrook a few weeks when I was looking through a local newspaper and saw the advertising for Holbrook Chiropractic.

After my second visit at Holbrook Chiropractic I felt the difference, every day I  feel improvements. I can perform my duty at work without feeling the pain or the fatigue that I used to feel.

Dr. "G" had changed my life around. He is a caring Doctor, his treatments are really working. The staff at Holbrook Chiropractic is very friendly and courteous they make you feel at ease.

I would like to encourage everyone to try Holbrook Chiropractic."

- F.S.


"About twelve years ago I found out that I have scoliosis. I went to a chiropractic doctor, and he didn't seem to help my condition at all.

But just recently I saw your advertisement in the Yankee Trader, so I decided to come for help again, because I was suffering with bad back pains and sciatic nerve damage on my right side.

So I just want to let you know how I feel about your treatment. In such a short period of time after seeing you I already feel 100% better. I really have to say that you're really a terrific Doctor, and that you helped me tremendously.

I have spoken very highly of you to my family and friends, I told them if they should ever have any back trouble, or any kind of pain to come see you. I also have to say that your office staff is also very friendly, kind and caring just like you are. I never received any kind of treatment before in my life.

I also want to say, I never thought I would ever feel so good again so soon, it's like a miracle to me. So I want to thank you very, very much for what you have done for me.

I also want to thank you for your kind letters and cards you sent me, they were very kind and thoughtful of you."

- L.M.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I never felt this good about my lower back. I'd like to thank you especially for your kindness and treatment I have received. Sometimes when my back was in severe pains, I used to say to myself, would it ever go away. I'm so happy my attorney put me into your hands.

I also would like to say, your staff are the most wonderful people I had ever met. They're excellent and sweet to everybody.

I can't ever find the words to thank you enough."

- Lourdes

"Prior to coming to Holbrook Chiropractic, I had suffered for about one year with numbness tingling and extreme pain in my left hand. I suffered these symptoms mostly in the middle of the night progressing at its worst throughout the whole night into the early part of the day. It was getting almost impossible to blow dry my hair in the morning and even more impossible to hold the steering wheel of my car because of the pain and stiffness in my fingers.

My medical doctor diagnosed my case as carpel tunnel syndrome and prescribed a wrist brace. He, also, discussed wrist surgery as a cure. Researching the surgery, I was told by others who knew of it or even had it done that I would be left with a wide, fat scar and perhaps permanent loss of feeling in all or part of my hand and/ or fingers.

This really frightened me; I was scared to death with the thought that I could possibly lose the use of my hand! I lied to my doctor at this point and told him the brace was working fine and I felt much better. Actually, it was at this point that I was hardly getting any sleep at all!!!!

Then, I met Dr. Glassman and he assured me that he could help me get better- and he did!

After only one (1) week of daily treatment, the pain was gone and the numbness was intermittent. After two (2) weeks of treatment, (I was only seen three times during the second week), I was sleeping an entire night, only suffering numbness toward the early morning hours. As the weeks went on, this numbness only came on now and then, but I have never suffered the traumatic pain of numbness like I did prior to my treatment with Dr. Glassman.

I was seen daily for one week, three times a week for approximately six weeks and then twice a week for another six weeks. I graduated to only once a week around the middle of June and now  I truly feel like an absolute new person. After suffering hypertension for fifteen years, my blood pressure was lower than ever before.

I am sleeping entire nights, blow drying my hair without pain or discomfort and driving my car with ease. I am, actually, living a normal life free of numbness, pain and any discomfort.

Dr. Glassman is a genius indeed! The office of Holbrook Chiropractic is warm, friendly and eager to please. The staff are pure professionals with hearts made only of gold.

Holbrook Chiropractic is the only way to go for perfect health, peace of mind, and permanent loss of unwanted pain! Thank you Holbrook Chiropractic, for everything!!"

- J.D.

"I came to Holbrook Chiropractic for acute back pain after my first child. I, like most others probably, waited until I could not stand the pain anymore. Shortly after treatment began my back started feeling much better, but I notice something else. For as long as I can remember I have had a weak bladder, but as my back improved so did my bladder. I knew next to nothing about Chiropractic when I started. If I knew then what I know now, I would not have waited so long. Chiropractors are not just back doctors.

I also want to thank Dr. G. and the staff for improving my overall health and for always being friendly and courteous. Going to the doctor’s office is a pleasure when you’re going to Holbrook Chiropractic."

- Debbie

"Words cannot say how  I feel about you. From day one you have made me feel healthy. I guess it’s the way you take pride in your work. Now I know and realize that you’re not in this business for the money. I just wanted to say thank you for your help and understanding. You should be very proud of what you are doing for the people you treat every day. And to say the least you are very outgoing with each client. I cannot end this letter without saying something about your staff. They all do their job to the point that it makes it a pleasure to attend Holbrook Chiropractic, PC.

Thank you for caring and taking time to help me in my painful days."

- M.C.

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the excellent fine care I have received since  I came  to you for treatment of my back.  I would also like to mention that your staff is extremely kind and caring and really know how to make a patient feel comfortable and ‘at home.’

My husband who is also your patient, tried to convince me to make an appointment with you for a consultation every time my back would periodically act up. I truly regret I did not listen to him sooner. Since I came to you for treatment, there is very positive change in the way I walk, sit, bend, lift and even sleep. I can for the first time in months, actually say that I am “pain free”. In the past, I have been to an orthopedic physician, and to physical therapy for what I would say were long periods of time. I can say that I see a world of difference between my prior treatment and the treatment you have given me. I have not felt this wonderfully comfortable in a long time.

Again thank you very much for your excellent fine care."

- Barbara